The SAUTER code of conduct


SAUTER wishes to create sustainable added value for its customers, employees, shareholders and business partners. SAUTER wants to be publicly perceived as a company that takes its corporate responsibilities seriously. Competitive strength and commercial success are the product of decisiveness, responsibility, credibility, respect and business practices that are unconditionally above-board. These principles determine our conduct, they are the yardsticks against which we measure our employees and business partners.


The SAUTER code of conduct contains the parameters we apply to our relationships with business partners and public officials; it determines how we work together and with others. The code of conduct defines what SAUTER expects of its employees. Compliance is required and enforced. Persons failing to comply will be penalized and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

We are convinced that commercial success can only be sustainably achieved if it is obtained through means and methods that satisfy high ethical and moral principles. In this spirit the following rules shall be the key to our company’s long-term success.




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