The SAUTER mission


Our solutions improve energy efficiency and sustain the environments of the future.


Over a history spanning more than 100 years, SAUTER has developed into a renowned Swiss company, a market-leading specialist worldwide, and a home for people to experience and benefit from a working culture with values and enthusiasm for an idea. This idea is reflected in specific knowledge about everything that relates to buildings and their energy efficiency. This leads to the creation of complete solutions that follow the goal of maximum efficiency in every detail, in every product and in every service. And because SAUTER has a long tradition in this area, the company is qualified to assume responsibility for the customer and the environment.

Sustainable environments

Thanks to innovative technology, our building management solutions provide the user with comfort, functionality and operating safety, with cost-efficient maintenance. At the same time, SAUTER solutions help drastically reduce energy consumption and thus protect the environment. Comfort for the people in the buildings and cost-efficiency for the operators while also protecting nature – this dual responsibility to the customer and the environment is summed up in the message that should be spoken in the same breath as the SAUTER trademark: "Creating sustainable environments".




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