The SAUTER company history


In 1910 Fritz Sauter (1877–1949) founds the company as a manufacturer of electrical timers in Grindelwald, Switzerland. The design and precision of his devices quickly attract the attention of experts. During World War I, Fritz Sauter develops the first electrical boiler and incorporates a department for thermal devices into the company. The demands for Fritz Sauter’s products grows so quickly that he moves the company’s headquarters to Basel, and in the early 1920s he takes his first steps to expand into France, Germany and Sweden.

From 1935 SAUTER produces its first devices for controlling heating and air-conditioning, thus laying the foundation for today’s core business. In 1941 the successful equitherm product is launched, a heating controller that ensures constant room temperatures. After World War II, SAUTER continues to expand; in 1948 in Saint-Louis (France), just over the border, another factory is founded for thermostats and controlling devices in the heating and air-conditioning sector.

From the 1950s, SAUTER integrates the first electronic components into the products, gathering the know-how in this sector that will lead to future success. The product range comprises devices for controlling temperature, humidity and pressure. In the 1950s, cities like Vienna and Stuttgart rely on SAUTER products to control the street lighting.

1961 sees the launch of the flexotron product series, with which SAUTER takes advantage of the new possibilities presented by electronics in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. From the end of the 1960s, SAUTER develops complex regulating and controlling functions for large buildings such as airports, hospitals and other major developments. From 1970, the entry into the system sector is followed by another burst of expansion, with the foundation of subsidiaries in many European countries.

As early as 1974, SAUTER presents its first software-controlled building management system for the central operation of larger installations. With the memotime electronic timer, SAUTER launches its first device with a microprocessor in 1981. In 1983 SAUTER launches a new building management system based on 4-bit architecture. As the end of the 1980s, SAUTER develops its own software-supported engineering tool, with which the national sales organisations can carry out projects autonomously.

From 1991, the opening of the Eastern Bloc enables SAUTER to win new markets in Eastern Europe. 1997 sees the first internet-based automation solution that enables the system to be controlled using any web browser. In 2000 activities in the service area are expanded – Facility Management becomes a part of the core business. In 2002 SAUTER starts integrating the standardised BACnet communication protocol into the products; this is an industrial standard that enables communication between devices from different manufacturers. From 2004, SAUTER expands into the Middle and Far East through various joint ventures.


Now SAUTER concentrates fully on energy-efficient solutions that help reduce CO2 emissions. The company incorporates alternative energy sources into its concepts and establishes itself as a specialist for Green Building. With the launch of the ECO10 programme in 2009, SAUTER shows how energy consumption is reduced in buildings and the environment protected. This development is reflected in the product portfolio, e.g. in the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 automation system. This enables a significant reduction in the energy costs in buildings and in the CO2 emissions. With the SAUTER Energy Management Solution (EMS) launched in 2009, consumption values can be assigned to individual energy sources. Thus the software enables energy consumption to be controlled and optimised.

In 2010 the company celebrates 100 years in business. In the same year, SAUTER EMS is marketed as a cloud solution. In 2012 the SAUTER Vision Center is launched, a new class of building management software with modular, scalable visualisation and management levels.


Today, the name SAUTER stands for the highest level of expertise in regulating, controlling and building management systems for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. SAUTER has a wide range of products, which the company enhances with tailor-made services. In the future SAUTER wants to continue making excellent products and providing services to customers all over the world, while developing environmentally-friendly, ground-breaking automation concepts.



For more than 100 years, Fr. Sauter AG has stood for expertise, reliability and quality. The company, which has its home in Switzerland, has grown into an international company in the process.


  • 1910  Company is founded and development of the first timer
  • 1917  Development of the Cumulus hot water storage tank
  • 1935  Entry into control technology
  • 1941  Constant temperature thanks to equitherm
  • 1961  Electronics open up new possibilities for control technology
  • 1974  First software-controlled building management system
  • 1997  Control via web browser for the first time
  • 2009  New solutions for energy efficiency and room management
  • 2010  100th anniversary of the company
  • 2011  First cloud solution
  • 2012  Modular, scalable visualisation/management level



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